Things to bring to Austria


-Passport. If you do not have one, get one as soon as possible. It can take up to three months to process passports.

-One nice “dress up” outfit. Dress shirts and trousers (not jeans) for the gentlemen. 

Skirts or dress slacks for the ladies.We will be attending the Vienna Symphony. Note the example of appropriate dress for the evening (from the 2016 trip):

-Appropriate clothing. Austria temperatures should be 60º-80º F. Make sure to bring at least one warm change of clothes including jacket (for the ice caves and higher-altitude excursions).

-Umbrella and/or rain jacket.

-Comfortable, sturdy shoes. We will be doing a lot of walking. Waterproof shoes would be helpful, too.

-Swimming suit. We will be swimming.

Optional but highly recommended

-Sturdy backpack

-Quick-dry towel. I recommend this one (Amazon link).

-Refillable water bottle

-Individually-wrapped snacks (e.g. Clif bars or granola bars).

-Unlocked mobile phone (can purchase SIM card in Austria)

-Portable powerbank for phone/electronics. I recommend this one (Amazon link).

-Outlet AND voltage adapter. Austria uses both different shaped plugs AND a different electrical voltage than the U.S.  Anything you plug into the wall must be run through a voltage adapter or it will likely melt and/or explode.

  •     I recommend this one for re-charging electronics via USB (Amazon link). 
  •     If you want to run a hairdryer/curler/straightener, you'll need something that can support a higher voltage, like this (Amazon link).

-Credit card.  Anything with a VISA or Mastercard logo will work. You can use them at most merchants, and can also withdraw cash at ATMs. Also, make sure to let your credit card issuer know that you will be traveling to Austria so they will allow your charges to go through. Contact your bank to see if they can issue you a credit card with a chip (called an EVM card). Most banks are switching to this style. They look like this:

-Cash, if you don’t want to carry a credit card.


-Headphones. Airlines will provide them, but they are usually poor quality.

-Headphone splitter (should you want to share an iPad movie sound with a seat neighbor). Here's one example (Amazon link).

Things to leave at home

-Laptop computer (tablets are okay to bring, but you are responsible for their safety.)

Do before you leave

-Contact bank or credit card company to tell them that you will be traveling.

-“Unlock” you mobile phone.  Contact your carrier.  This may take up to one week.

-Make sure you passport is valid.